The RPA Job Market During Covid-19

The entire world has come to a near standstill with Covid-19. I don’t have to say any more than that, as I’m sure we’ve all read enough or too much on the topic. One area of keen interest to me is the RPA job market on both the supply (RPA talent) and demand (companies with open RPA jobs and positions). 

When I started my career in consulting just over five years ago in the US, the buzz word of the day was “big data”. We weren’t sure what it meant, but it was going to be revolutionary. After big data came RPA and in many ways, it was the same. We didn’t have too many use cases, many companies adopted it slowly with limited success, and like big data, it has begun to fall out of the news as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and all other topics of the day have been introduced.

It hasn’t died though and in many ways, I believe it’s stronger for it. During that initial hype phase, the RPA salesmen and their customers were a little too greedy. The end all be all of automated solutions was too ambitious for what RPA should be. Applying it where it doesn’t fit sullied the name with low ROI, project overspends, and poor results. Now that we’ve gotten past that phase and the market has matured, we’ve seen a qualified and dedicated RPA talent pool arise and companies with mature RPA teams and centres of excellence (CoEs) in some cases.

This week Automate Intelligently, my design firm, launched We saw a specialized niche of RPA talent and specific jobs, but no place for them. RPA isn’t in the news every day, but it is very much here to stay and has become an integral part in many Fortune 500 companies and MNCs. While Covid-19 has put a damper on hiring around the world, one bright spot is RPA. At the time of writing this, has over 100 active job listings from around the world with more being added every day. Being the first and only RPA dedicated job board, we expected that to some degree. Just not right now.

So, to RPA talent around the world, know you’re in a good place! Pay attention to job requirements and ensure you’re following the market. Software, experience requirements, and certifications change and it’s important to stay relevant. Next week we’ll be publishing a dedicated RPA hiring guide for individuals, including an overview of requirements we’re seeing, software being used, and negotiating salaries.

To companies with open positions, RPA talent is scarce right now. If you’re advertising for a position, find a way to stand apart from the crowd (we have 19 open positions for RPA Developer right now, which isn’t very specific). In two weeks, we’ll be publishing a best practice guide on posting for RPA jobs so stay tuned for that.

In these troubling times, stay safe.