How much do RPA developers make?

It's one of the top Robotic Process Automation (RPA) questions on the internet, but it's an unfair question. How much RPA developers can make and how much you can make are very different.

Salaries vary significantly by two measures - location and experience. For the sake of this article, I'll include try and include salaries in USD and local figures.

My goal is to first, shed some light on what RPA developers are making now and a follow-up article will share how you can increase that number!

To help make this simple, we've looked at the three largest RPA talent and job markets globally (US, India, and UK) and average salaries by seniority level. We'll update this post over time and add additional data points as necessary.

The United States (US) has some of the highest-paid developers in the world, unsurprisingly they command the highest RPA salaries.

For the USA:

  • Junior Developer: $58k - $107k, an average of $76k
  • RPA Developer - Senior Consultant: $70k - $136k, an average of $99k
  • Process Architect: $73k - $122k, an average of $95k
  • Senior RPA Developer: $68k - $128k, an average of $92k

India is one of the world's largest RPA talent and job markets, second after the US, but salaries are significantly lower:

  • RPA Developer: ₹598k (US$7,880)
  • RPA Developer - Senior Consultant: ₹1402k (US$18,475)
  • Senior RPA Developer: ₹1407k (US$18,541)
  • RPA Lead Developer: ₹1407k (US$18,541)
  • RPA Business Analyst: ₹540k (US$6,984)

The UK falls in between the US and India, but has fewer roles available:

  • RPA Developer: £35k (US$43,134)
  • Senior RPA Developer: £51k (US$62,643)

While these are averages, it's easy to see why RPA is so important to the talent market right now - the jobs and in demand and command high salaries. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest job posts and RPA insights.

Our next RPA insight will cover salary negotiation tactics and how you can take control of your salary.