RPA UiPath Architect


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RPA UiPath Architect 100 REMOTE Duration 3 Months (possible extension) Requirements Excellent communicator.
This person will be the primary face to the customer.
Someone in MPLS would be preferred as, at some point, we will need to be doing some work at the client site.
In-depth knowledge of RPA and UIPath.
This person will have primary responsibility for the designing and developing the solution.
They must have prior experience on multiple projects with UI Path, leading team of 2-5 people to start.
Moderate project management skills.
Again, they will be leading the project and will need to be able to lead the team, set expectations with the customer, and report progress internally and with the customer.
Must have the capacity to ldquosellrdquo their ideas to technical and non-technical people.
Must have the ability to elicit and document requirements.
Thanks - Sathish.
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