RPA Developer at Paradigm Technology (Phoenix, AZ)

Phoenix, AZ
Paradigm Technology

Position Description

• Ability to learn to develop automation workflows with UiPath and/or BluePrism solutions. (Candidates without previous UiPath or BluePrism solution development experience will be expected to undergo a 2-week product certification course prior to beginning employment.)
• Work with the Development Manager and the team to consistently move the software development process forward in terms of agility in areas of Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, etc.

Technical Skills:
• Graduates in Computer Science with minimum 3 years experience in object oriented programming using C/C++ programming and .NET
• Windows API knowledge, COM, ATL
• Minimum 2 years of experience with Microsoft SQL Server
• Familiarity with Windows Presentation Framework
• Familiarity with Git/Github/Gitlab source code repositories
• Experience with NUnit/xUnit/MSTes
• Strong understanding of object-oriented programming and architectural design patterns
• Continuous integration/continuous delivery
• Awareness of... common design patterns
• Good understanding of n-tier development
• Agile development practices
• Very good grasp of multithreading, synchronization, asynchronous, cloud programming.
• Understanding of basic data structures (list, vector, stack, heap), basic algorithms (sort, search, etc.) and associated time/memory complexity.
• Understanding of enterprise architecture and IT systems, process minded, good presentation and communication skills

Experience Level

Minimum Requirements

How to Apply