RPA Developer

Northfield, IL, US
Medline Industries

Position Description

and treats others with respect.
Your Primary Responsibilities will be:
Technical: You’d be spending ~70% of your time to:
- Design, develop, and test solutions to automate processes, activities, and tasks through RPA using programming languages and available platforms to deliver operations efficiencies

- Meticulously analyse Process Definition Documents to capture all the business process steps in solution designs and consider accompanying factors such as recoverability, scalability, and resilience and case management to ensure solution designs meet all requirements.

- Document technical designs, release notes, and other project documentation to support development, security, operations, and maintenance.

- Communicate to colleagues and/or internal stakeholders during the product development to make sure it fits design.

- Create and document test procedures and scenarios. Participate in testing activities, including testing at the task and end-to-end process levels, integration testing, and user acceptance testing.

- Demonstrating ability to plan for and meet an agreed upon timelines and budgets.

- Applying Agile/Scrum methodologies where it fits.

Support: You’d be spending ~30% of your time to:
- Help develop standards and best practices for RPA including governance, operating model and solutions.

- Monitor and trouble-shoot system performance, resolve issues (on-call issues, performance issues, etc.) and coordinate with respective support teams to resolve software and hardware issues.

- Deploy projects successfully and problem-solve issues that arise in day-to-day running of automation processes and provide timely responses and solutions as required.

- Understand system and business change cycles to ensure automated processes are proactively amended to reflect changes.

- Assist with developing internal training programs to broaden the RPA skillset of rest of the team.

Interpersonal Skills: You’d be spending 100% of your time as a:
- Strong team player - collaborates well with others to solve problems and actively incorporates input from various sources.

- Creative out of the box thinker who likes to be challenged.

- Customer service focused with superior listening skills.

- Self-learner who requires minimal supervision.

Experience Level

Minimum Requirements

Basic Qualifications/ Requirements:
- Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, IT, MIS, Engineering, or related fields

- 2+ Years of RPA experience as an Accredited RPA Developer.

- Experience working with UiPath is preferred.

- Experience working with Abbyy’s OCR technology preferred.

- Experience with SAP automations preferred.

- Possess professional experience in programming (including scripting /coding), SQL and relational databases, and application development.

- Hands-on experience with working on API’s to help develop intelligent automations API

- Exposure to Microsoft/google/amazon API’s such as Microsoft computer vision and google tesseract preferred.

- Excellent knowledge in modern programming languages (e.g. C#, Java, .Net, Visual basic,   C++)

- Hands-on experience with at least one other RPA Technologies (Blue prism or Automation Anywhere) is a plus

How to Apply