RPA Developer

Pune, IN

Position Description

  • Team performance : Demonstrates on a daily basis Agile & Lean values like cooperation, transparency, courage and humility to foster teamwork. Continuously reflect on how to become more effective then tunes and adjusts team norms and helps to update IT standards
  • Right Product : A solution creating business value is build and deployed by
  • Understanding (hands on business activities) and challenging Business requirements
  • Translating Business requirements into functional requirements
  • Designing, developing the solution by taking into account DGSI principals and guidance’s (EA rules like security and integration, Group methodologies,…)
  • Validating the global solution
  • Deploying the solution by contributing to change management, communication and training
  • Deliver Right : A stable, performing, scalable, easy to use, secure, easy to maintain & to operate Solution is designed and developed (this includes non-functional requirements) The solution provides a great user experience.
  • Deliver Fast : An incremental approach (Do & Learn) is used during design and development to manage the lead time, by per example : - Implementing automation for testing and deployment of components - Being able to deliver incremental functionalities quickly
  • Solution Maintenance : The Developer Analyst maintains and optimizes a working solution in « marche courante » by providing support level 3
  • Experience Level

    Minimum Requirements

    • 2+ years of professional experience in IT project development
    • As UiPath has been sourced for Michelin Group, the RPA Analyst Developer is a UiPath certified professional and should have passed the Advanced Development Certification delivered by UiPath Academy.
    • DevOps skills are a plus

    How to Apply