RPA Consultant - Tax Management Consulting - Tax & Business Advisory Services

Chongqing, Western China, China
Deloitte China

Position Description

  • Responsible for analyzing business process, Complete customized RPA Project development tasks in the implementation of the automatic process project of RPA robot;
  • 了解现有的客户流程,在RPA机器人自动流程化项目实施中,完成RPA的定制化程序开发
  • Share responsibility with RPA team and put forward improvement suggestions to ensure high quality and timely delivery;
  • 与RPA团队共同负责,确保项目高质量按时交付
  • Independently complete the development of core functions, and continuously optimize the functions of RPA products.
  • 独立完成核心功能开发,持续优化RPA产品功能
  • Responsible for test planning, test cases coding, test cases executing and relevant documents preparation;
  • 编制测试用例、完成单体测试、结合测试与UAT测试并编写用户手册

Experience Level

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 2 years software development and project management related experience, familiar with RPA tools (Blue Prism/Automation Anywhere/UiPath/UiBot, etc.) is preferred;
  • 2年以上流程机器人开发和实施经验,精通UiPath、Blueprism、AA和UiBot一种或多种实施工具
  • Good knowledge of software development processes and methods. Proficiency in using at least one of the programing languages such as JAVA, VBA, C#, Python, or VB.NET;
  • 熟悉软件开发流程和方法, 掌握至少一种编程语言,例如JAVA,VBA, C#, Python, 或VB.NET等
  • Solid knowledge of specific function/industries is a plus, such as finance process knowledge, retail, banking process knowledge;
  • 具有特定领域/行业的流程知识,例如财务流程知识,零售、银行等行业流程知识
  • Seriously and carefully, with fast learning ability, good communication ability and anti-pressure ability;
  • 认真仔细,具备快速学习能力、良好的沟通能力与抗压能力
  • Career development planning is highly matched with the profession and is willing to develop in this industry for a long time;
  • 职业发展规划与本职业高度匹配,愿意在此行业长期发展
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience.
  • 本科或以上学历,专业不限

How to Apply

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