RPA Analyst

Bridgeport, CT, US
The John Hopkins University

Position Description

This role will lead Business Process Owners through the end-to-end business process analysis, will coordinate automation opportunity assessment, selection, and prioritization process, will ensure automation benefits analysis and benefits realization reporting, will manage organization-wide RPA Inventory, will work with RPA Business Analysts and RPA Developers to lead RPA Change Management and production implementation activities, and will provide support and guidance to the RPA Operations Managers.

  • Works closely with Business Process Owners to lead end-to-end business process analysis to identify automation opportunities including workflows that can be enhanced by RPA.
  • Facilitates working sessions to generate consensus on new business process supported by RPA.
  • Leads Business Process Owners and RPA Business Analysts through RPA related risk analysis and mitigation planning.
  • Collaborates with RPA Business Analysts to ensure current and future states of the end-to-end business process are documented.
  • Coordinates gathering of the business process metrics to complete RPA benefits analysis.
  • Works with RPA Program Lead to drive prioritization of RPA opportunities to ensure alignment with the strategic RPA Program goals and objectives.
  • Coordinates with RPA Business Analysts, RPA Developers, RPA Operations Managers and IT to ensure RPA Change Management process.
  • Leads RPA production implementation activities.
  • Ensures that organization-wide RPA inventory is kept up to date.
  • Guides RPA Operations Managers through business process RPA Operational Risk Assessment and RPA Business Continuity planning activities.
  • Collaborates with Business Process Owners to report RPA benefits realization.
  • Leads by example with can-do approach and a positive attitude to support organization-wide RPA stakeholders through all phases of RPA Life Cycle and PRA problem resolution process.
  • Stays up-to-date with the RPA industry best practices.

Experience Level

Minimum Requirements

  • 5+ years relevant experience with business analysis, process improvement, and automation in financial services industry.
  • Knowledge of RPA methodologies and industry best practices. Hands-on experience with UiPath highly desired.
  • Knowledge of SDLC and Project Management.
  • Results-oriented with strong commitment to timely delivery of quality automation solutions.
  • Excellent leadership and communications skills with ability to lead through inclusiveness without direct authority.
  • Experience working as part of a collaborative team that practices Agile methodology.
  • Bachelor's degree in Information Technology.

How to Apply