PEGA Community Hackathon 2020

Accelerate digital transformation and make an impact - iNnovate and iNspire with Pega in the first ever Pega Community Hackathon!

May 11, 2020
June 22, 2020

Event details

For over 35 years, developers have used Pega to solve complex problems and power the largest enterprises in the world.  Now, in light of the changing circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak, those organizations and the world at large are looking toward digital transformation innovators and leaders to help:

  • Bridge the gap between distributed people and systems
  • Accelerate assistance and service to those in need
  • Adapt quickly to new challenges and circumstances

We're in search of those digital transformation innovators - and want to see how they can use Pega to innovate and give back.  So we're posing both a challenge and an opportunity: show off your innovation, creativity, & skills in a 6 week digital hackathon building with Pega focused on innovation and inspiration!

You have 6 weeks to hack - from May 11 to June 22 - the final product can be an application, a component, an integration, or other - so long as it is centered around the Pega Platform.  Submit your end result with a short video showing it off for your chance to win $20,000 in prizes and a chance to join us at PegaWorld iNspire 2021 in Las Vegas.  Participating teams and winners will be recognized on and Pega Community!


Our judges will score submissions on 3 categories:

  • Level of innovation: How novel is the idea and its execution (how it utilizes the technology)?
  • Level of real-world impact: What would the effect be on businesses, individuals, or the world?
  • Level of execution: How close to architecting and delivering a production-ready final product was the project?

PEGA Community Hackathon 2020