Automation Anywhere COVID-19 Botathon

Combat COVID-19 with a Digital Workforce

May 11, 2020
June 3, 2020

Combat COVID-19 with a Digital Workforce

These are challenging times, with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing many businesses and societies to a grinding halt. Life after the pandemic will not be the same, with every industry looking for news ways to operate more efficiently and become more resilient.

Robotic Process Automation can help both mitigate disruption and drive greater operational efficiency by interconnecting people and systems, and enabling businesses to better serve their customers in these times of uncertainty. Automation Anywhere provides tools and solutions that help organizations navigate these unprecedented circumstances.

We believe that technologists have a large role to play in helping businesses remain viable and enduring. Let’s come together as a community to build solutions that aid those affected by COVID-19. Sign up for this hackathon, and put your knowledge of business processes and bot building skills to work to address real problems around the world!

If you are not a developer, we invite you to submit real ideas that can help your (or any other) organization operate more efficiently and effectively. Prizes will be awarded for the best ideas. You may submit your idea by visiting the Submit Ideas tab.


We encourage you to build and submit bots that can help organizations solve challenges faced by COVID-19, along any of the 5 themes below. These are just guidelines, we welcome submissions catering to other themes or industries as well.

For each theme below, we also offer some example opportunity areas/use cases. These examples are only offered for inspiration. You’re by no means restricted to these use cases.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

The necessity for quality healthcare and fast processing of insurance claims have never been as critical as now. Build solutions that can help expedite the process for organisations.

Example use-cases include:

  • Management & coordination of pharmaceutical and medical equipment inventory
  • Faster handling of patient admittance/discharge processes between hospitals and insurers

Governance & Administration

The role of governments and public administrations across the world is important in containing the spread of COVID-19. Build solutions that will aid better governance and efficient administration.

Example use-cases include:

  • Managing monetary & non-monetary relief packages to citizens
  • Timely updates and better coordination among various departments

Banking & Finance

While the global economy is in a slowdown due to various restrictions, banking & financial institutions are working hard to prevent a collapse. Build solutions that can help organisations better cater to their customers' financial needs.

Example use-cases include:

  • Handling & reconciling delayed payments of invoices and/or taxes
  • Helping financial institutions accelerate lending processes

Travel & Logistics

Due to rapid spread of COVID-19 worldwide, passenger travel has slowed down and logistics supply chain has been impacted. Build solutions to help organisations optimize their operations.

Example use-cases include:

  • Managing supply/demand & inventories in retail stores
  • Optimizing usage of vehicle fleet for transporting essentials

Employee Care & Productivity

At a time when most of us are working from home, organizations are looking for ways to help their employees feel safe, valued, and productive. Build solutions for organizations to better cater to the needs of the employees and the business.

Example use-cases include:

  • Monitor health of employees and provide timely help
  • Enabling smooth & accelerated on-boarding/off-boarding processes


The judging process for the software submissions of the hackathon will be in 2 phases:

Phase 1: All the submissions will be evaluated by the judges and the top 5 submissions will be shortlisted.

Phase 2: The shortlisted teams will be invited to present to a panel of judges on a Zoom video meeting.

The top 3 teams, as determined by the panel of judges, as well as the top 5 submissions for the Ideas contest will be announced on June 11, 2020.

Automation Anywhere COVID-19 Botathon